Fresh & Up Moisturizing Cream 250gm - 1 Jar

Natural Wellness Ind. Sdn Bhd
Fresh & Up Moisturizing Cream is specially formulated to rehydrate, nourish and protect the skin. It provides the essential moisture that the skin needs, and keeps this moisture intact for many hours without escaping through the pores. Fresh & Up Moisturizing Cream hydrates the skin from the inside, resulting in a soft and smooth texture. It...
A natural antifungal combined with healing accelerator, effective in human fungal infections and provides fast relief In itching , inflammation, Antifungal, Antiviral and Anti Microbial. No of Tube Net Price (RM) No of Free Tube 30 12.09 2 300 11.21 45
Open wound till scars treatment Post surgical and superficial wounds  Non healing and chronic wounds Diabetic wounds Varicose veins Varicose ulcers Ankle edema, burn, hypertrophic scar  Striae distense (stretch marks) No of Tube Net Price (RM) No of Free Tubes 12 38.58 1 25 36.03 4 50 35.42 9 100 34.26 22
Eves Care Hygienic Vaginal Wash / Moisturizing / Protecting / Fresh / Reviving / Dermatologically tested safe / balanced pH level No of BottleNet Price (RM)No of Free Bottle10 18.67 5
Eves Care Firming Gel/Vaginal Firming/ the choice for feminine hygiene which helps to protect women's health and blissfulness./rejuvenation of the vagina by tightening it in a natural way/true women empowerment/improves strength and grip of the vagina
Lagun Fact'r (Cough and Cold Syrup) 100ml- Best 3-1/Stabilizes mast cells/Inhibits immediate hypersensitivity reaction No of Bottle Price (RM) No of Free Bottle 24 10.32 6 36 9.67 12 100 8.6 50
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